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安室能在台灣成立於2013年, 創辦者引進北美的隔熱隔音技術到台灣並採用高壓高溫聚氨酯(Polyurethane) 水性(water-base)發泡噴塗系統 (Spray foam insulation system) 可抵抗良好的中高音的吸音效能及通過CNS/ ASTM 的火焰難燃測試. 在加拿大, 美國, 日本, 韓國, 及歐洲許多國家都大量在使用水性發泡隔熱保溫系統.  

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TY Design specializes in providing customers with quality products that help make homes and buildings more comfortable, efficient, and eco-friendly. We offer a variety of insulation and other products that are designed to reduce energy costs and improve overall comfort. Our spray foam insulation is one of the most popular products and has been used for over 30 years in building construction due to its ability to easily seal homes and buildings, reduce noise from the outside, and even protect from radiation heat. We invite you to explore our store and see how we can help make your living and work spaces more comfortable and efficient.

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